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"Shirli and Shawn are exceptional trainers and really invited participation and fostered ongoing development. "
- Daniel Byers- Principal Legal officer DL – Legal


"This was a fantastic course. Excellent content and presentation. I look forward to applying what I have learned to my work. "
- Duncan Steward, Department of Industry


"Shirli is one of the greatest storytellers I have heard and uses this ‘old world' knowledge to provide the most effective training I have been to. "
- Tim Gippel, Manager Governance and Risk NSW DPI Water


"This training was highly beneficial and applicable to my work. Excellent Course. Excellent Facilitators. "
- Wayne Ferguson. Senior Group leader, Status Department Industry- Land and Forestry


"The reflective approach was an important tool: it allowed me to pin-point what worked best for me."
- Aurora 3 day strategic negotiation training 2015


"Highly engaging, interactive, relevant to audience."
- Legal Wise attendee CLE 2014


"What a great learning experience ~ we negotiate many times on many levels every day without thinking too much about it. This course shines a light on properly thinking about a situation and preparing effectively."
- Peter McConaghie, UNSW Australia


"The training has provided me with a framework and tools that will be invaluable in approaching negotiations of all types."
- Nicholas Testro, Managing Lawyer, Native Title Services Victoria


"I wish I'd done this course years ago - active listening, unpacking and pacing techniques are workshopped thoroughly and I actually walked away with these tools ready to apply."
- Jennifer Gome, Director Licensing Services, APRA AMCOS


"An exceptional course which gave me the skills and confidence to start successful negotiations in my workplace."
- Sally Dorsett- Wing Commander -Defence


"Amazing course with an outstanding presenter. Useful tools that have a practical application. "
- Scott Brooks- Business Manager- AGS


"This course provides a structured and easy to apply way to understand how to prepare for and participate in negotiations. the course also enabled me to practice the theory in a realistic way so that I felt comfortable in being able to apply my learning in my work and personal life."
- Chen Xu- Commercia Manager Defence Materiel Organisation


"A great course that allowed me to see the signs where a difficult conversation can be worked through"
- Tian- Sculpture by the Sea


"It was eye- opening to be in the "hot seat" and to have honest, direct feedback on the experience of being in a difficult conversations. "
- Jenevieve Chung- Senior Course Manager-NIDA


"Very useful and reproduced a real life conflict with a much better outcome."
- G K Scarborough- IT Systems Manager Westpac


"The personal and interactive style of this short course ensures I will easily be able to apply the learning’s back at work. It is one of the best courses I’ve done."
- Luke Franks HR- Westpac Group


"Outstanding program with relevant, useful & Practical tips and tools. One of the best 2 day programs I’ve completed. "
- Anon Westpac 2013


"Great tools for a HR manager and fantastic to practice the use of the models in an open coaching environment."
- Teresa O'Brien Manager Westpac


"Shirli knows how to relate to people but she also knows her stuff! What is amazing is that she can bring the two together to create a great learning environment. "
- Keira Tomsi ATO


"Appropriately customised for our Needs- Walter Vitali Director ATO"
- Walter Vitali, Director, ATO


"I thought I would send a quick letting you know how useful I have found the skills I picked up in Foundations of Facilitation I attended last year. It was a great course and has been something I refer back to in my work life."
- Graduate Lawyer


"Strategic negotiations is more than learning how to negotiate strategically. The skills I have obtained during this course will influence how I interact with stakeholders going forward independent of the negotiation process."
- Joanne McCaughey, Senior Analyst, AER


"Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience of attending your course. Skills and knowledge that can be applied at work and personally thank you!!"
- Dianne Falkenberg, Senior Project Manager, ACCC


"The workshop provided clear practical tools that can be readily applied to all negotiations. Although there were several other participants, the workshop felt highly personalized."
- workshop participant 2012


"Your partnership with Shirli Kirschner allowed us to take our workshop to a place it has not been before, using the latest technology to bring experts into the room, no matter where they are located. We are already imagining how we might further this goal in future workshops."
- U.S. Dept of Interior


"The training allowed me to recognise my strengths and weaknesses. She had a wealth of tips and was able to direct me. Jenny"
- Jenny ATO


"Shirli was an engaging and interesting speaker. The tips and tools she provided will add value to my work and my every day life."
- Perpetual 2012


"From someone who has grown up in an ‘institution’ where policy and process drive your work, after completing this course I am confident and aware that by expanding my processing in negotiation I can now approach negotiation from more than one angle to achieve better outcomes"
- Terry Garside- Department of Defence


"This was probably the most valuable course I’ve been on in terms of what I got to take out of it. It challenges your thinking and provides very realistic advice and tools on how to approach the difficult conversations."
- Claudia Campbell-Support & Settlements Manager, AAPT Limited


"...Shirli has been able assist parties to resolve issues where it appeared that it was going to be extremely difficult to resolve matters because the parties had diametrically opposing positions. She has willingly gone the "extra mile"" to assist parties to resolve matters. "
- Kirsten Barrett- formerly Gadens


"Excellent analysis and ‘toolkit’ for life’s negotiations."
- Maha Krishnapillai – National Executive Strategy – Macquarie Corporate


"Enlightening! Makes me think about things in a whole new way."
- Judi Hausmann – CEO Hausmann Communications


"An intense, fast paced and practical look at negotiation that dispells many of the myths we sometimes believe."
- Rebecca Townsend – Director Sculpture by the Sea Art Services


"Fantastic course that really broadens your horizons on many levels. A ‘must’ for everybody."
- Suzy Badawi – Account Manager – Source One


"This is a wonderful way of reconfirming the positives of your negotiating skills, while improving and fine tuning your weaknesses."
- Elise Margow - Corporate Counsel - Primus Telecom


"Facilitation skills are core skills for managers and sales and service decision makers. The course explains the ice berg principle that are not obvious."
- Gordon Makryllos - formerly General Manager Sales – Telstra Wholesale


"A sensational, challenging experience how to plan, organise and facilitate meetings with lots of interesting challenges along the way. A must for anyone involved in facilitating difficult meetings."
- Dr Mitchell Landrigan - Group Regulatory Manager – Telstra


"I found the course to be a concise but full of practical skills and techniques that I can take straight from the course and use in my work."
- Peter Elliott - Director – Zenith Advisors